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Frequently asked questions

The paddles

What type of players are the paddles made for?
The cool ones, duh! The paddles are rather heavy (194gm) compared to standard, meaning this paddle is better suited for offensive players.

What is the material used?
We use Ayous and Populus – all FSC certified. All the materials used in the production of Supersmash have successfully passed the ISO 9001 environmental tests.

How best to take care of the paddles?
You can use water to wipe the rubber for a better grip. We tested several products and some of them can remove the color, so do be extra careful if you choose to use a cleaning agent. We can't be held responsible if any damage occurs. Regarding the wood, a simple, natural oil will help to keep it beautiful.

How is the paddle produced?
All the paddles are assembled by hand. As the wood comes from various trees, we take extra care when matching the pieces together to ensure the tints are harmonious.

Where are the paddles produced?
To meet our high bar of quality, we are producing all our paddles in the region of Anhui in China. This region is known for its experts in ping-pong paddle manufacturing and is also home to many ping pong champions.


Working together

I'm an artist an I would love to engage in a collaboration, what shall I do?
Sounds great, we're always looking for talented people, send your portfolio at

I'm a shop owner and I would love to feature Supersmash in my store, what shall I do?
Simply write us a short message at

Order, delivery, returns

Where do we ship?
Europe wide and the US.

I ordered a paddle but it never arrived, what should I do?
Contact us at detailing your issue, we'll do all we can to help.