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Ping pong paddles for design snobs

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When life pongs, ping

Our story

Supersmash found its roots back in the noughties,

with the friendship of two guys playing ping-pong in the parks and bars of Berlin and Geneva. Since we both are graphic designers, we started to think how cool it would be to have paddles that actually look good, rather than are just functional. We also wanted them to be diverse for everyone to find a pattern that fit their style.

With this in mind we designed an intentionally ambivalent object, and let you decide whether Supersmash is a functional item, or a decorative one. So, are you going to hit the ping-pong square or just display your racket next to your dog picture? 

Kind words we recieved

The French kiss of Death, classic, chic, I love it!

Julie Weber

Received a Dazzle and an Alabaster for my birthday – best gift ever!

Tobias Gut

I was douting if they had enough grip and stikiness, not anymore

Elena Kravitz

Hand made, certified wood, swiss born, designed in Berlin.

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Dazzle €64.00
Black Hole
Black Hole
Black Hole €64.00
Huntsman €64.00
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Woman and the Sea
Woman and the Sea
Woman and the Sea €71.00
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French Kiss of Death
French Kiss of Death
French Kiss of Death €64.00
Hofmann €64.00
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