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Be the first and only store in your city to hold Supersmash.

If you are here, it's because you have been selected to be part of the Supersmash "First and only" partnership program.

Supersmash paddles are a great addition to any premium design or lifestyle store. The paddles are bought either by ping-pong players themselves or as a gift. Be the first store to offer Supersmash in you city.


Stand out and enjoy great margins

We understand the business of retail. You want to sell fast, keep your margin high and above all keep the quality of your portfolio above the competition.


Why adding Supersmash to your portfolio?

  • A unique product
  • Less than 500 paddles per year worldwide
  • Outstanding design
  • Artist collaboration
  • Eco-friendly and certified wood
  • Your chance to sell a truly unique good in your city


Euro - Price list 2020

Pre-buy Consignment
Alabaster 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Black Hole 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Dazzle 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Hofmann 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Rio 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Cynara 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
French Kiss of death 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Dragonfly 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Huntsman 32,00 EUR 37,50 EUR
Woman and the sea 40,00 EUR 45,50 EUR


CHF - Price list 2020

Alabaster 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Black Hole 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Dazzle 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Hofmann 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Rio 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Cynara 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
French Kiss of death 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Dragonfly 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Huntsman 34,50 CHF 40,40 CHF
Woman and the sea 42,50 CHF 48,40 CHF


USD - Price list 2020

Alabaster 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Black Hole 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Dazzle 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Hofmann 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Rio 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Cynara 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
French Kiss of death 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Dragonfly 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Huntsman 38,10 USD 44,60 USD
Woman and the sea 46,10 USD 52,60 USD


Minimum order of 5 paddles. While stocks last. Consignment pricing available in Switzerland and Germany and upon request. Price do not include shipping costs.

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